Friday, March 3, 2017

FW: New Product Now Available!



March 3, 2017


American Equity NMOs and Agents


Jessica Kilker — Vice President, Marketing Services


New Product Announcement

American Equity is happy to announce the addition of a new fixed annuity product series as well as an optional Rider. The new RateShield Series offers three options with competitive rates, and a 7 or 10 year surrender charge schedule. The IncomeShield is an optional Rider available for the RateShield Series, and offers 8.5% simple interest IAV rate.

RateShield 7, 10 and 10+

  • $10,000 Minimum Initial Premium
  • Fixed rates with Optional Market Value Adjustment (MVA)
    • MVA option provides higher rates
  • 10% Free Withdrawal after the first contract year
  • 5% Premium Bonus Vesting over a 10-year period on the RateShield 10+

IncomeShield - Optional Rider Available for RateShield Series Only

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income
  • 8.5% Simple Interest IAV Rate
  • 20 Year Accumulation Period
  • 1% Annual Fee deducted from Contract Value

Click Here to View Rates and Access Brochures

**Product Training is required before writing an annuity application**

Please note: Effective March 17, 2017, all sales for the Premier Eagle 10 and Premier Eagle 12 will be suspended. Please discard any brochures, disclosures and marketing material you have relating to these products. The decision to remove the Premier Eagle 10 and Premier Eagle 12 was made after carefully reviewing the sales level of this product.

Call the Marketing Department at 888-647-1371 for more details and to order supplies.


Annuity and Riders issued under form series ICC16 FXD-2, ICC16 FXD-3, ICC16 R-MVA, ICC16 R-LIBR-FS and state variations thereof. Availability may vary by state.


RateShield Announcement


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