Thursday, September 21, 2017

New NAC VersaChoice FIA



NEW Fixed Index Annuity October 3, 2017


NEW! NAC VersaChoiceSM 10


Offer your clients all the benefits of an accumulation-focused annuity with the flexibility they need for the what-ifs in life.

Innovative feature - Optional enhanced liquidity benefit (ELB) rider based in part on six activities of daily living (ADLs), for an annual fee.


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Contract number link: NAC VersaChoice

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sentinel Product Updates 9/05/2017





This week at Sentinel Security Life:


What's New?


- Change to Agent Portal - Coming Soon!

- Louisiana MYGA Available - Effective 09/05/17

- Annuity Disclosure Statement

- Medicare Supplement Rate Adjustments

- HIP 2.0 Plans Available in MS

- Sentinel Success Summit



General Information


New Agent Portal - Scheduled to Launch September 11, 2017

We are updating our Agent Portal to provide better services for you! Soon you will be able to access your client files, commission statements, illustration software, and product forms all from one website using one login. Stay tuned for more information in our weekly emails. 


Sentinel Plan Annuity Products


Louisiana Personal Choice Annuity - Available 9/05/17

We're excited to announce that the Personal Choice Annuity will be available in Louisiana on September 5, 2017! Click below to download and print the Application Packet and Brochure.

LA Application Packet 

LA Brochure 


Annuity Disclosure Statement

The Home office has received the Disclosure Statement that is required by PTE 84-24 with several applications. As a reminder, a Disclosure Statement is to be retained by you, the producer, for all qualified fixed index annuity sales as a condition of the Prohibited Transaction Exemption 84-24 that went into effect on June 9, 2017. This Disclosure Statement is for your records only. The Home Office does not need a copy. Whenever this form is received at the Homes Office, a copy is being returned to you, the producer, via email for your records.


We do have a sample Disclosure Statement on our Forms Portal and through the link below. You may use our sample or use your own document. Please be aware that if you decide to utilize your own document, the disclosure needs to include information about the Impartial Conduct Standards, Fees and Charges, Compensation and your Affiliation/Limitation to the insurance company.


Sample Disclosure Statement


Sentinel Plan Health Products


Medicare Supplement Rate Adjustments - Effective starting 10/1/2017

It's the time when Medicare Supplement Rate Adjustments are happening in multiple states. The following grid lists all of the current states experiencing rate adjustments.  





South Dakota



New Mexico




North Dakota







The Agent Notification letters explaining each change by state can be accessed by clicking on the link below.  

Medicare Supplement Rate Adjustments



Hospital Indemnity 2.0 Plans Available in Mississippi - 08/28/17

We are pleased to announce that our HIP 2.0 plans are available for sale in Mississippi, effective 08/28/17. Click on the link below to download and print the outline of coverage, or visit our Forms Portal to order supplies.

MS Outline Of Coverage



2018 Sentinel Success Summit


2018 Sentinel Success Summit Standings

The Sentinel Success Summit Standings report is now available!  Click on the link below to view the standings.  

2018 Sentinel Success Summit Standings


Please be aware that only the top 15 Life & Health and top 15 Annuity agents will qualify for the trip. For more information about the trip click on the link below to download a copy of the Sentinel Success Summit flyer. 


2018 Sentinel Success Summit Agent Trip




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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Revised/Improved Equitrust Annuity Application – Required 7/1


Improved Annuity Applications
Required July 1, 2017


We're pleased to announce improvements to the EquiTrust Annuity Application forms.

The new application forms (dated 12-16) apply to all states except California and Pennsylvania, and are available now on the EquiTrust website and on AppBuilder. In California and Pennsylvania, see State Variations below.

Transition Rules
The new 12-16 versions may be used now. The new and old versions will be accepted through June 30. Beginning July 1 the old versions will not be accepted. Replace printed application packets at your earliest convenience.

Improvements to the Application include:
• Addition of Mailing Address, in addition to Permanent Address
• Addition of Email Address

• Addition of Inherited IRA Plan Type
• Improved language in Beneficiary section

State Variations

Most States/Generic




District of Columbia




New Jersey

ICC16-ANN-APP(12-16) for DynaMARC Only

North Dakota



ICC16-ANN-APP(12-16) for DynaMARC Only

South Dakota


To build a new app packet which includes the new Application, click here.

 Send an email to EquiTrust Sales Support,
call 866-598-3694, or visit our website at


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Monday, June 12, 2017

DOL Transition Details







                                                   DOL Transition details

Just want to make sure you have all the details needed for the upcoming transition period starting June 9th this is what we've been told from the Insurance Carriers:

First-the Days of only having one product in your back pocket is gone, it was never a great to do business anyway as you cannot fit every square peg into a round hole. We work with over 40 Life and Annuity carriers, we have the products/solutions to fit your client's needs.

Second -Do Not listen to the Marketing pitches that are going on out there. You do Not need to transition to running everything through a software program to analyze client risk. You do Not need to worry about replacing your E&O policy because "they won't cover DOL Fiduciary Rules". We called a few E&O providers and was told the same thing "As long as your current E&O covers Fixed and Index Annuities, it will cover the DOL Fiduciary aspect as well. The agents that only own the basic E&O that only covers Health Products, those guys were never covered to sell Annuities in the first place and it's time to upgrade your E&O policy. If you have questions about your E&O, call your E&O provider.

You can count on the fact that almost every carrier in the business will have updated suitability forms that will go into effect 6/9/17. These suitability forms will be built into the application packages you get from the carrier websites, so make sure you throw away unused paper applications you have sitting on the shelf in your office.

In the following Link to my GoogleDocs -   DOL Sample Forms, there are several different versions of the PTE 84-24. These are all generic forms that the carriers are providing, you do not have to use a specific form for the specific carrier you are writing the application with. This form PTE 84-24 needs to be completed, signed/dated by the client, and kept in the client file for EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF QUALIFIED BUSINESS YOU WRITE. This includes IRA to IRA transfers, 401K/403b rollovers, etc… And it's to be used for both Annuities and Life policies that are being funded with Qualified Money.

Between 6/9/17 and 12/31/17, this is considered the Temporary Transition period in which filling out the PTE 84-24 and keeping better client files is going to be the only real change to your business. Everything else, from writing business and submitting business (both Qualified and Non-Qualified) will be Business as Usual for you. After 1/1/2018, there may be an additional twist on who signs off on you submitting your Qualified Business. We have the systems in place to allow you to streamlessly continue to produce business, but NAFA (National Association of Fixed Annuities) continues to fight these new DOL rules in court and things could change again by the 1/1/2018 timeframe. Stay tuned as we will update you when things change, we are part of the biggest IMO production groups in the industry so we are aware of the changes and what it's going to take to be compliant.

Bottom line is this; to fulfill the minimum requirement for DOL right now keep a copy of the PTE 84-24 in your client file (for Qualified cases), fill out the new versions of suitability that the carriers are building into their application packages, and do what's right by the client.   Moving forward, if you want to build your business in the direction the industry is heading, you may want to change your sales process a little.

Follow a sales process (Keep your client records in case you get audited):

  • Fact find
  • Analysis
  • Illustration
  • Application
  • 84-24 form (Do not send to carrier, keep in own file)
  • Keep files for 6+ years
  • Submit business as usual. Directly to the carrier, or new business like you currently do.

The goal of the Transition Period is to begin to integrate parts of the Rule into our practices while we all build to full compliance with the Rule January 1, 2018

84-24 exemption and disclosure

**If you would like to take a training course on the DOL changes, both REGED and LIMRA have classes right now the links are listed above. We hosted a Webinar and Recorded it, regarding the DOL transition rules. To listen to it, here you go. DOL Fiduciary Rule Webinar -6-5-17

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. We are here to help you get the answers you need.








Schaefer Financial Group 1090 Second Street South Ste 2C Sartell, Minnesota 56377
Toll Free: 855.597.8256



Monday, April 10, 2017

New! EquiTrust Quarterly Spotlight


Have you heard about what's NEW at EquiTrust?

• EquiTrust Agent App – Gives your agents the convenience of alerts on
  their mobile devices for business-related information like new-business 
  updates, NIGO,suitability approval, policy issue and real-time commission-
  payment information. They can access product and rate updates, and even 
  run illustrations right from their smart phone or iPad. For more information, 
  click here.

• Outgoing Partial 1035 Exchanges Allowed – Such exchanges are 
  now permitted for non-qualified, inforce annuities. For more information,
  click here.

• Income Rider Chronic-Illness Doubler – This peace-of-mind feature is 
  now available at no charge on the DynaMARC Index Annuity's Strategic 
  Income Option. The income rider and doubler are approved in every state 
  in which DynaMARC Index is approved, with the exception of CT. For more
  information, click here.

• Terminal Illness Added to All Deferred Annuities – The no-cost rider 
  offers a surrender charge-free withdrawal of up to 75% of the Accumulation
  Value in the event of a terminal illness. For more information, click here.

• EquiTrust among Top 50 Life and Health Insurance Companies – 
  EquiTrust is recognized as a "Wards 50" top company. To be among this 
  prestigious group, each company must pass all safety and consistency 
  screens, and achieve superior performance over the previous 5 years. For
  more information, click here.


Coming Soon...


• E-Application/E-Signature Platform – We have aligned with Insurance
  Technologies and FireLight to offer this streamlined e-app process to our
  agents. Several products will be added to the platform in the second quarter.
  Additional details will be announced soon.

• EquiTrust Joins Cannex SPIA Exchange – The EquiTrust SPIA –
  Confidence Income Annuity – and its competitive rates will soon appear on
  this SPIA comparison platform. Additional details will be announced soon.

• New Product Offerings – Look for some new product offerings from
  EquiTrust in the coming months including a shorter-term FIA, a traditional 
  fixed annuity and single-premium life product.

• Corporate Website Upgrade – Our EquiTrust Corporate website – – soon will allow your prospects and clients access to more
  information in a user-friendly format. The first phase is targeted for the 
  third quarter.


Hidden Gems – Did you know?


• Positive Annual Reviews – EquiTrust has an FIA that guarantees positive
  returns for each of the first three years – giving your agents good-news
  reviews with their clients. Accumulation Value increases will be 8% or 
  higher at first review, and no less than 2% for second and third annual 
  reviews. For more information, click here.

• Inherited IRA Income Rider – Searching for a carrier that allows an 
  income rider with an Inherited IRA? Look no further than EquiTrust! Call me 
  for details.

• Index Strategies Explained, Simply – Need an effective educational tool to
  explain the mechanics of various index strategies? Our client-use index-
  strategy descriptions explain each index account and provide calculation
  examples. A one-page flyer is available for each strategy. For more
  information, click here.


Product Spotlight


• Looking for a MYGA alternative that gives your clients the potential for 
  higher returns, flexible contract options, and your agents more 
  compensation for their hard work? If so, check out the "Liquidity and MVA"
  version of our ChoiceFour Annuity. Your client will get a 1.5% premium 
  bonus, 6-year chassis, 10% free withdrawals, 2.50% interest rate with a 
  2% floor, strong renewal rate history and no 30-day renewal window to 
  worry about at the end of the initial term. Your agent will get 5.5% MGA
  commission up to age 80. Give me a call to discuss the positioning of this
  unique and hot product offering. Or, for more information, click here.

  Questions? Send an email to, call me at 
  515-226-5148, or visit our website at

ChoiceFour issued on Contract Form Series ET-SPA-2000(11-04) or ICC16-ET-SPA-2000(07-16). EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, IA. For Producer Use Only. IC17-ECN-1036



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