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Sentinel Annuity Update! New Crediting Rates


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New Crediting Rates Take Effect August 10, 2012


Dear Sentinel Annuity Agents,


Sentinel has been committed to providing some of the highest rates offered in a multiyear guarantee annuity with our Personal Choice product. However, due to the downward pressure of market conditions, Sentinel will begin to offer the Personal Choice Annuity™ with the following rates and associated effective dates:  


New Crediting Rates as of

August 10, 2012


All States (Except Florida & Minnesota)

5-Year             7-Year             10-Year

3.10%             3.20%              3.45%


Florida Rates (Death Benefit Included in Rate)

5-Year             7-Year             10-Year

3.00%             3.10%             3.35%


Minnesota Rates (No Market Value Adjustments Applied)

5-Year             7-Year             10-Year

2.80%             2.90%             2.95%


August 10, 2012-Date When New Crediting Rates Take Effect

Any applications signed on August 10, 2012 and later will receive the new crediting rates. An update to the Annuity Illustration Software will be available on this date as well.


August 9, 2012-Date Applications Must be Signed (to receive current rates)

Applications must be signed by August 9, 2012 or before to receive the old crediting rates.


August 16, 2012-Date Application Must be Received in Home Office (to receive current rates)

Applications signed by August 9, 2012 or earlier must be received in the Home Office by August 16, 2012 to receive the current crediting rates.


September 24, 2012-Date 45-Day Rate Lock Ends

All transfers and exchanges for any application signed on August 9, 2012 or earlier must be completed by September 24, 2012 in order to receive the current crediting rates.


We appreciate your continued support for the Personal Choice Annuity™ and Sentinel. We believe these rates are still very attractive and given the unique design of this product, will continue to offer some of the highest crediting rates available in the MYGA market. Download the August 10, 2012 rate sheet now. Follow us on Twitter (@SentinelLife) for ongoing announcements and company updates.


We look forward to our continued partnership.




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